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Tailored for a Better World. A Better You.

We are…

In 2015, Coat Creators gathered together with the aim to produce quality and long-lasting coat that emphasizes the style and personality of yours. So we set off for a challenging journey in which we knew we’d be learning a lot from one another. We have come a long way since we first combined our knowledge in manufacturing, design and management. We thank everyone we met, as you all helped us achieve our prime goal – to sew clothes that accentuate individuality. In years, we realized that the creation of clothes has to contribute to the creation of a better world. Having that in mind, we follow the principles of social and environmental responsibilities. It’s no longer just coats that we create but a more beautiful world too.

Wear me longer

Here at Coat Creators, we believe in future where fashion evolves to a whole new level – durable, comfortable and ethical clothing is our priority, and we use only the finest materials to make a piece of apparel loved and worn for many seasons. Not a subject to trends of fashion – the style that is more powerful than time: Coat Creators’ product design embraces classic elements that are timeless and easy to combine with other garments. We ensure all of our models to be comfortable since we create them in regards to the remarks of women of all different shapes and sizes who try our clothing before we complete the design.

Our production

Our products are sewn in small quantities to avoid the wastage of materials and excess articles that are subsequently discarded or destroyed. We are happy to know that every coat of ours finds a host.

An old coat in exchange for a cleaner planet

Every day in the world, tons of worn-out clothing is thrown away. To tackle the waste problem, apart from producing new clothes, Coat Creators also take care of your old ones. We collect coats, jackets and raincoats to send them to our partners for recycling. Send us clothes that you no longer wear, and we’ll give you a 20% discount on this when you purchase a new garment from Coat Creators.

Saving resources

To support the preservation of natural resources and respect for human labour, we develop sustainable production processes. Some of our products come to life from the scraps of our previous collections. Therefore, before buying new materials, we always check what we already have so we could avoid throwing away or burning the cloth. The elimination of burning and discarding of materials reduces CO2 emissions.
Also, we buy high-quality off-season fabrics from other suppliers or sewing companies to encourage making only as many fabrics as needed. If we have any materials left after we finish our manufacturing processes, we give it to other developers or students.

Our quality
Designed to be worn

We never chase the fashion, but we do hold onto style. The clothes we create will serve you long and still make you feel classy. We understand the desire to both look beautiful and stay warm, so we choose materials that will maintain their prime look and keep you warm for many seasons to come. We try the clothes ourselves and listen to every customer’s suggestions that could help us to control the quality of our products. Comfortable design, durable stitching, quality and finish are what you
will find in our work. We improve every garment based on customer feedback.

We love diversity

We believe that every woman can feel beautiful and empowered wearing their favourite piece of clothing. That is why you won’t find any retouched photos in our gallery – just real women in all shapes and sizes being their most beautiful selves.


Although we aim to produce only the necessary amount of products, sometimes a few items can remain unsold. When it happens, we donate them to charities or to people who may not always afford the product they like.

Our packaging

Each of our product is packed with love and sent with the best wishes written on a postcard. We believe that even the tiniest things can make your day different, better, warmer. For packaging, we use paper boxes that can be reused for shipment or recycled easily.


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